Level 9: Marlins (45 mins)

Marlins are our top level of our progressive Learn to Swim Program. Swimmers complete a structured session with all four strokes, drills, tumble turns. It is a fast paced lesson which gets the swimmers prepared for the progression to our Performance Squads.

Level 8: Sharks (45 mins)

Children learn all the basic concepts of a structured swim session. It covers all four strokes including drills and swimmers start to learn tumble turns. To progress to Marlins swimmers are competent in all four strokes, drills, tumble turns & reading the pace clock.

Level 7: Frogs (30 mins) this is the first level where the instructor is coaching out of the water

Children learn to read the pace clock and continue with freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Basic butterfly & drills for all strokes are introduced into the session. Once basic butterfly drills are understood & performed, the next progression level is Sharks.

Level 6: Tadpoles ‘Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke’ 5 Children in a class (30 mins)

Children graduate to this level and have their lessons in the 25m Pool with the instructor in the water. They continue freestyle and backstroke, and learn the basics of breaststroke. To progress to the next level ‘Frogs’ they must confidently swim 25m in freestyle and backstroke. Your child must also have correct breaststroke kick and basic breaststroke arms.

Level 5: ‘Freestyle and Backstroke’ 4 children in a class (30 mins)

This is the final level in the teaching pool
Children are taught breathing bilaterally in freestyle and also correct backstroke technique. Progression from this level moves to our 25m pool which is Tadpoles. Children must be able to do 2 correct laps of freestyle and backstroke in the teaching pool to progress to Tadpoles.

Level 4: ‘Bubble Arm Breathing Arm’ 4 children in a class (30 mins)

Children are taught to breathe on one side and learn backstroke. Your child must be confident and swim unassisted using 'Bubble Arm Breathing Arm' and swim backstroke with a board to progress to the final level.

Level 3: ‘Arms Over’ 4 children in a class (30 mins)

Children learn 'Arms Over', torpedos, kicking and floating on their back with no assistance. Once your child can perform 2 correct laps of 'Arms Over' & starts to breathe to one side they will progress to level 4.

Level 2: 4 children in a class (30 mins) (However, no bubble)

Children must be able to swim dog paddle with no floatation aids, float on their back and learn how to put their eyes in the water. Once confident they will progress to level 3.

Level 1: 4 children in a class (30 mins) (Bubble only)

Children swim with a back bubble until they can confidently swim 2 laps with no assistance and can also float on their back. To Progress to the next level children need to be able to swim across the pool without any flotation or assistance.

Transition: Start at 2yrs of age (30 mins) Only 2 children per class

Children start with a bubble & floaties on, it is a structured class where children learn the basics of a learn to swim lesson and will graduate to Level 1 when child is competent with no floaties on and swims confidently with no assistance and understand basic commands.

Mums+Dads+Bubs Start at 4 months – 24 months of age (30 mins)

This Class is aimed at water safety & confidence using songs & games. Mums+Dads+Bubs classes have a parent present in the water. To progress to the next level your child must be able to hold themselves up, balance with floaties & bubble with no assistance.