Aqua Aerobics

Our experienced aqua aerobics teachers offer classes in our 25m swimming pool.  Aqua aerobics is a popular way of keeping fit, particularly for people with certain health problems or those recovering from injury.  Generally more low-impact than land based aerobics, these classes have most of the fat burning and endurance building benefits that you get from other forms of aerobic activity. An aerobic water exercise of around 30 minutes will help you burn about 300 calories. Most classes will run for around 45 minutes and should include a warm up, cool down and stretching exercises. The classes will include things like jogging, kicking, jumping, squats, and dance movements, and will be accompanied by music.

The main benefits of this type of exercise are: Great for all fitness levels, good for weight loss / fat burning, builds strength and flexibility and excellent cardio respiratory exercise.